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Here at Amidasu we believe in reliability, communication, and most importantly, good design. Whether you need a poster for your event, or a website for your business, we’ll help you take your ideas to the next level.


Hi, I’m Anna! I discovered my love for graphic design during my first semester of college at PPCC and since then I haven’t stopped studying it. I am currently enrolled in my fourth semester in the MGD program at PPCC. Making beautiful things that communicate ideas is my passion.

The Amidasu Design team consists of me and my computer! 

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Print Design

I love designing for print, whether it's a book, a magazine spread, a poster, or more!

Web Design

When I first fell in love with design, it was during a website project. I hand-coded and designed a site for a travel agency. Since then, I've worked on six websites, and can't wait to design more.


The process of branding is very exciting to me. I've designed stationary, logo, and web mockup in a production course, and enjoyed every step.

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Print Design

Aside from web design, I'm quite passionate about print work. Some of my favorite projects include designing a travel book, a sunset-themed calendar, and magazine spreads. I also designed a text book for one of my graphic design class recently, which was quite an adventure.

Arty projects

Along with graphic design, I do love creating more artistic pieces.

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